Faculty & staff

Wendy London, PhD, Faculty Director

Wendy B. London, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, Director of Biostatistics and Director, Clinical and Translational Investigation Program, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology, Boston Children’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has served as Faculty Director of the SDMC since the summer of 2013.  Dr. London is a biostatistician with research interests in neuroblastoma, prognostic stratification and design of clinical trials.  She also serves as the Lead Statistician for the Neuroblastoma Committee of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG).

Carol Lowenstein, MBA, Director

Ms. Lowenstein joined the SDMC in 2009 after serving for 10 years as Assistant Director of the Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center Rapid Case Identification Core, Department of Epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to that, she served for 6 years as Assistant Director for Registry Operations at the Massachusetts Cancer Registry within the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Ms. Lowenstein is responsible for the administrative oversight of Core activities as well as for provision of medical record review and abstraction services.

Daniel Gundersen, PhD, Senior Survey Methodologist

Daniel Gundersen, Senior Research Scientist and Senior Survey Methodologist, joined the SDMC in the fall of 2016.  Dr. Gundersen provides scientific leadership for the Core’s activities. He serves as the principal methodological consultant for investigators using the Core’s services. He has extensive experience in developing patient-reported outcomes and other self-reported survey instruments.  This includes using cognitive interviewing and psychometric testing for evaluating survey items, and selecting appropriate data collection modes to optimize response quality.  He is Multiple-Principal Investigator on an NCI funded R01 grant entitled “Cell Phone RDD Sampling to Reach Young Adults for Tobacco Control Surveillance” (5R01CA149705). The project aims to develop optimal methods for collecting longitudinal survey data from a general population sample by leveraging mobile technologies for both data collection and cohort retention.  Dr. Gundersen holds a PhD in Public Health from the Rutgers – School of Public Health and an MA in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut.  He has worked as a survey methodologist for 12 years since completing his MA.  His previous experience includes positions at Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., and the Center for Tobacco Surveillance and Evaluation Research (now Center for Tobacco Studies) at the Rutgers – School of Public Health.  Prior to joining Dana-Farber he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Anna Revette, PhD, Senior Qualitative Research Scientist

Dr. Revette is a sociologist with extensive experience in conducting and analyzing in-depth interviews and other forms of qualitative research with patients, physicians and other key-informants.  She has extensive experience using standard qualitative coding systems to conduct line-by-line coding using NVivo data management software. Dr. Revette manages qualitative research projects; develops qualitative research guides; facilitates focus groups and in-depth interviews; conducts cognitive interviewing; provides structural and thematic coding and thematic analysis of qualitative research.  Dr. Revette earned her MA and PhD in Sociology from Northeastern University.  She is highly proficient in Spanish and over the last five years has taught courses in sociology, anthropology, strategy and international business at Northeastern and Suffolk Universities.

Ruth Lederman, MPH, Survey Manager

Ms. Lederman provides specialized research support for projects that entail self-report and observational data collection from research subjects. Ms. Lederman is trained in epidemiology and brings expertise to the core in data management and analysis. She has extensive experience utilizing strategies to maximize participation rates in data collection efforts across a range of community and clinical settings. Ms. Lederman manages data collection activities; supports project directors in sampling and locating research subjects, question design and evaluation and construction of data collection forms; oversees administration of interviews and questionnaires; recruits and trains survey assistants; develops and implements quality assurance protocols; develops study-specific training materials and administrative forms; coordinates data-capture activities, codebook development, and documentation of coding decisions; oversees data cleaning and data file preparation.

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